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Journal Oase Scaperline 60 Reef Tank

Looks like you definitely do everything properly an it is alot better on the eyed than pipe you can just never use it for any think else .
The main tank is still in the dark. I think I'll keep it that way a couple more weeks. Also, I'm expecting a few bits from China and then I can add the HOB overflow and the sump.


As for the QT, I added a few scoops of silicate sand because I hate bare bottom tanks. The macroalgae pieces (Codium and Gracilaria Mammillaris) are there temporarily, until I move them to the sump.
FYI, Seachem Matrix and silicate sand are inert and don't absorb medication or copper.

QT 18.19.17.jpg
Just an update.

The tank is now 7 months old. Kept it in darkness for 6 months. I added an AI Prime 16HD at 20% one moth ago.
I haven't touched or cleaned anything, except weekly 20% WC. I also add a small amount of AF Life Source, a cap of FritzZyme 460 and a cap of MicroBacter 7 every other week.
No sign of algae, diatoms or cyano yet. I do have a lot of biofilm on the glass (the white haze seen in the photos) and a bloom of spirorbid worms though.
The only inhabitants are a black Molly, a cleaner shrimp and a turbo snail. I plan to add one more fish and my first corals in the next month.

TankJune24.jpg TankJune24-2.jpg