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"Novus Aevum" - 14ltr

Re: "Novus Aevum" - 14ltr (Photo Update 21/09/2009)

Sorry to hijack the thread :oops: , but can I ask what a drop checker helps to do? Is it measure the amount of co2 in the water :?:

very nice btw, love the hardscape aswell as the plants! :thumbup:
Re: "Novus Aevum" - 14ltr (Photo Update 21/09/2009)

Themuleous said:
Nice one Clark, really satisfying to get the HC to carpet and pearl hey?

Thanks sam, it's just getting it just right. I'm finding it's rather fussy but if you give it what it wants then it gives you so much happiness.

rawr said:
This is really comein along great - I like the fact you aren't rushing the growth and stuff. I think the lighting in the most recent photos sets it off nicely too.

tropic_john said:
Sorry to hijack the thread :oops: , but can I ask what a drop checker helps to do? Is it measure the amount of co2 in the water :?:

very nice btw, love the hardscape aswell as the plants! :thumbup:
Thanks John. Yes, the DC helps us to see how much co2 is in the water as we aim to get 30ppm. Have a read of this -->> UKAPS Article: CO2 MEASUREMENT USING A DROP CHECKER
Today, I got a replacement co2 bottle (£14) from AquaJardin
I also got a few luxury purchases to use up a credit note, I got purigen to add to the filter and a pot of Myriophyllum Mezianum
I'm going to try it in the middle back of the tank at the start and see how it goes. I fancied trying another plant to give a contrast to the HM that I have, if things go well, I might replace the HM with MM!

If anyone has any tips with this plant please let me know, but reading other posts it likes ferts, light and good co2. Hopefully, it'll work!
nelson said:
Myriophyllum Mezianum
i've been eyeing this up in pets at home.will see how you get on with it :) .
Eyes down looking...

I decided to put it in the area where the worst HM was due to previously not looking after it, this is what a pot looks like planted.


Whilst I don't want to jump the gun, I added Seachem's Purigen product to my filter as I've used it in the past to clear the water but never really seen any difference. Well, this time it's changed, before the water had a bit of a green hint to it, now it's clear as vodka!

I always recommend it and should of added it earlier.
Re: "Novus Aevum" - 14ltr (Video Update)

As posted elsewhere, I've added a Hydor ETH 200w to heat the aquarium, I'm trying to get the temp at 24C but doing it slowly. Fitting it was a bit fiddy due to the hoses but I'd like to think that would be sorted soon when I treat myself to a podium stand in the new year.

The Myriophyllum Mezianum is currently in transition from emmersed to submerged growth with the new growth sprouting from the top. So I'm going to wait for it to grow to the surface, cut the tops and replant with throwing the bad part of the stem.

I'm still having the brown algae issues but might add another Otto in there, but don't want to crowd the tank too much. I would of thought that this type of algae would of sorted itself out, but someone's suggested that the amazionia powder leeches silicates more easily than other substrates. So adding another Otto might be the solution.
I think you'll get it, after a point the plants reach a critical mass and algae just stops being a problem. I'm all for getting the plants growing and not worrying too much about the algae which will settle. Is your water quite hard ? This is one thing that I found inhibits plants and promotes algae (when I put coral sand in my tank.....) Best of luck, Tom
Thanks Tom.

I'm at that stage now where I need a change, I've been staring at this layout for well over 6 months now and just when I'm about to get it right, I mess it up by failing to keep on top of things. The only problem is changing will be a lot of work, I fancy something like you or Viktor has done with your nanos.

I do have moderately hard water, so that might not be helping matters.

All my algae is co2 related which is my own fault tbh as I've not cleaned the drop checker for a few weeks :thumbdown:

As I say it's my own fault, maybe if I manage to crank things up a bit with maintenance, it'll respond in kind.

I fancy treating myself to a few ADA ferts; Step 1 and Brighty K. In addition, to get a Do!Aqua music glass co2 diffuser.

I feel as if I need to kick start things again with my tank.
So, today is the start of the blitz on the tank. I've ordered a few things from TGM that I've been eying up for months and took the plunge.

The main part of the purchase was a Do!Aqua Music Glass CO2 Diffuser, I had originally planned to order the 10mm version, but decided to get the 15mm on just to be sure as thought that the 10mm might not cope with the co2 I put into the tank. I wanted something with a lower profile in the tank and this fits the bill.
Here's a few photos of the diffuser, it's a quality piece of kit and added to it the ADA Grey Parts set as I found that the white suckers and tube were going a bit yellow.






I also got the ADA range of ferts that are suitable for me, I'm looking to dose 1ml very day at first to see how things go.
- ADA Green Brighty Step2
- ADA Green Brighty Special Lights
- ADA Brighty K
and here they are:

I've also got on order from an ebay seller for ADA Green Gain and ADA Phyton Git.

I know that some might say that the ADA fert range is a waste of money when you can mix something similar, but I was fed up with mixing my own EI mixture and am happy to get something that works perfectly. In addition, the costs for a tank of this size isn't that much.

Any advice on the ADA ferts range would be appreciate! :wave:

I'm really impressed with the diffuser, but it was really fiddly to get onto the grey tube.

Onwards and upwards.

Re: "Novus Aevum" - 14ltr (New Toys)

nice one mate ;) just sent you a PM.
here is what i do with the ADA fertilizers on my tanks:

Brighty K 1ml (1push) / 20 liters / day
Step 2 1ml (1push) / 20 liters / day
For the large tank additonally:
ADA ECA 1 drop / 20 liters / day
Did not use ECA on the nano as i experienced more algae in a small enviroment with the extra iron.

At water changes to all of my tank i add the following:
ADA Green Bacter 1 drop / 10 liters
ADA Green Gain 1 drop / 10 liters
ADA Phyton Git 1 drop / 5 liters

ECA helped me to make great colors on plants and keep the iron stable. So no leaf yellowing.
Green Bacter keeps the bacterial colony on top every week, and clearing up the water a lot.
Green Gain makes better growth and helps plants to regenerate after pruning.
Phyton Git helps combat with algae, makes your Ferns in top shape and helps to keep clean your light decor sand (no algae on that at all). Also using these nowadays on wood decors before i add the wood to the setup.

cheers, :thumbup: