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Nick's Journal

i was recomended to cut it about 1cm,and did within a couple of days it was sprouting new leaves theres even leaves apearing about 1cm away from the main clump so i'd say be brutal now its worth it.

cheers dave
Nick16 said:
mr mcmillan ( :lol: ) do you have a clue about my hairgrass issue?

I do :lol: that's a minor issue in the scape, though. You'll sort it out. Like the other guys are saying, it's best to trim it down. Maybe not to the substrate, but about 5mm above.
i trimmed the hairgrass, bit of a mission when its already under water so i was trying to net all of the bits. - i got about 95% of them :lol:

quick question.. My stems keep floating to the top, its a real pain, everytime i go out, i come home and i play the guessing game of.. is it going to be rotala or L.aromatica thats floating. :D it maybe due to a reasonable amount of flow but they plants are not really moving. how can i solve this? - of course every time they float i have to then replant and they are not really putting out roots as they spend a while on the surface!
might be worth pushing them deeper into the substrate.If I get a stem come loose, I punish it by burying a good 2" in the substrate :twisted:
yeah thats what i have done, but i suppose i have just planted and there is always the odd stray one but it is still annoying. :lol:
quick update.

Not much growth from the crypts, they are probably ending the 'crypt rot' period. i have seen a vallis runner or 2 so they are doing. Stems have shown the most growth of course. little bit of growth from the HC and Staurogyne.


a quick picture update. they are not the best! i need to get a powerhead in there.... :D




the plants are 'closed' as the lights have only just come on!

C+C welcome.
This looks like it's gonna turn into a nice looking jungle (and we all know I love jungles), nice one! ;)
a quick update.
this is for comparison.......
The first pic i took followed by an up to date pic:


My BN. (still cant tell sex, think it might be a female but its still a bit young to tell)


im no photographer :oops:

C+C welcome of course.
It's looking real jungly! The Vallis has taken over so much and the redmoor root really adds the 'riverside' effect. I think the midground needs filling our more and more transitions between mid/fore/background but it's on it's way to a nice looking tank! ;)
my aim is/was to use the vallis to make a 'wall' at the back, much like georges 'harlequins heaven'

i hate foreground plants, to fiddly, so im trying to grow some mosses and see what happens.
would you belive i have ripped a load of vallis out today!
Hi Nick

Nice progress there.

I like the vallis wall idea and plan on doing another 'scape soon using the same principle.

However, I do find the stems are at odds with the vallis in terms of texture and composition. The stems are at the focal point (2/3 across) but they give a confusing impression mixed with the vallis IMO. I think the layout would look better without the stems at all to be honest.

For an effective focal point I would consider moving the Java fern from the centre to where the stems are now. The fern will hopefully grow into a nice specimen and draw the eye nicely.

All this aside, the growth is impressive and you have the bones of a great aquascape. Well done.

Just my thoughts...
i have had a revamp and all the vallis has gone. i will upload some pics when the tank has cleared abit, unless you like looking at nothing :D
Ney Nick,

It's growing in really nicley. I love the crypts swallowing up the wood. Are you going to get more neons, you could have a really nice big shoal in there.

Regards T
well currently i have 2 neons 2 black neons, 6 R.brigittae 2 True SAE's and a small BN. I want to have a large group of the rasboras but they seem very shy. (see my other thread). most people have put it down to the small numbers of fsh i have. eventually i want to have betwen 30 and 50 of them.

i will upload pics if i have a chance. its all change in the tank. but im going to le mans tommorow so im quite busy.