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Critique my aquascape New tank, looking for some guidance


New Member
17 Apr 2021
Newly setup, been running maybe 2 weeks now.

250l/65US Gallons. 1000x500x500


To the left I have planted
  • Alternanthera Reineckii
  • Rotala Indica
  • Ludwigia Palustrias
  • Rotala green

On the tree a mixture
  • Anubias barterri
  • Anubias mini
  • Crypts wentii, brown and wavy green
  • Java Fern

To the right with the stone
  • Ludwigia Palustrias
  • Vallisneria
  • Java fern
  • Bucephalandra Theia “Green”

No co2 as of yet but should be in soon.

Unsure whether to put a back ground in, or try and fill the negative space a bit more in the middle, maybe narrow it a bit?

What plants would suit the scape and fill that void well?

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