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Nature Aquarium World by Takashi Amano Book 2

Dan Crawford

21 Jun 2007
Daventry, Northants
Hi guys, i've just seen this and thought i would let you all know about it, could be worth a buy for somone.

The auction has nothing to do with me and i will make no profit from it i just thought i should post it. Public service and all that you know.

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... :WNA:UK:12
Yep, ME. Been meaning to buy it for yonks but never got round to it. And the good news for me it's just round the corner from where I work :D

Thanks Dan for drawing my attention to it.

Yes, nice book concentrating on smaller tanks. Published in 1994, some scapes from early nineties.

I still like looking through the series, it's amazing how Amano's style has evolved over the last 10-20 years...

Book one is essential if you want to learn more about Amano himself and his philosophy.
Book 1 is my personal favourite for the reason you highlighted George, but like most people, I just knew that once I had one of the books I would be getting all three.

Book 2 is excellent, and kicks off with a one litre tank!!!!!