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Product Review NACD aquariums

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Have you had contact from him recently? I’d just get your money back and go elsewhere personally, he obviously can’t fulfil his orders
NACD isn't that far away from me and I must admit I have been tempted, but a big flashing 'BUYER BEWARE!!' sign comes on in my brain and I think don't be so daft. If the firm does a few years of business and manages a decent Trust Pilot rating etc. you might one day give NACD a punt, but unfortunately the experiences described here are so far removed from current online trading standards that it just isn't worth the potential hassle.
Depends what you’re after though. If it’s a conventional sizes. Then there’s no harm in asking if they have any stock that you can collect yourself from Feltham.
I ordered 6.6.23 standard size from the web site, order confirmed 16.6.23 since then no contact until 4 weeks ago, after many unanswered phone calls and emails, promising delivery in three weeks and trying to add on a delivery charge of £25, l said “no way” said l’d wait, to no avail, now phones don’t work, email returned, what to do? I thought an old fashioned letter may be my next attempt at contacting them but l don’t hold out much hope.

Sorry the phones do work, tried for third time this morning but could only leave a message, still better than not working!
Mine was delivered Sunday 13/08
Not going into detail yet as incomplete
The owner (Sam) is on holiday
Hi, I paid for my optiwhite aquarium almost £800 in April 2023. I still didn’t receive my order and money didn’t return even .
Sam/ Przemyslaw still not answering the phone and emails. It’s unbelievable
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