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My Shallow Tank v2


11 Jul 2010
Wellingborough, Northants
So a while ago I started a journal detailing the first incarnation of this tank. This is the second installment. Basic specs and info:

Tank is 3ft x 3ft x1ft.
Filtration: Single HOB filter and a surface skimmer.
Substrate: Silica sand and plain black gravel
Hardscape: Ivy branches, bog wood, redmoor root.
Fish: 12 x Emperor Tetra, 14 x neon tetra, 12 x Beckfords Pencilfish, 5 pygmy corydoras (These are a what are left of an old group of 15 or so fish, must be 3 years old nearly now)
Plants: Mish mash of fine leaved stems, crypts, lotus lily, hygro polysperma and a few others!

Here are a few pics taken recently:




I will try and keep this journal slightly more updated than the last although by and large this tank tends to just tick over with minimal fuss.
My kind of dimensions! How's the parlour palm doing? I had no luck keeping mine as a riparian.

Reasonably well, I get regular new growth. I recently had to cut back and rearrange all of the riparium plants. The peace lily got huge to the point that the pot it was in which was sitting on a small rock pile fell over under the weight! What is in there now is about a 3rd of it.


Wow, awesome! Tell me that this beautiful tank don't need frequent water changes and I will hate you ;)


I tend to change anywhere between 25-50l a week with pure RO. I don't measure PH very often but the TDS varies from about 100-120ppm after a water change to 150-170ppm when I actually come to change it. Must be something in the tank buffering slightly, possibly the substrate?

I have started to filter over peat moss to see if that makes a difference.

Ideally I would have it between 80-100ppm.
Interesting observation tonight - I regularly feed the fish in this tank with live daphia from the garden and tonight I fed as the surface skimmer was on which pulled a few daphnia in. A few hours later I see all the fish hovering around the surface skimmer and wonder what they are doing. Turns out that every few minutes a live daphnia would escape from the skimmer only to be eaten! These fish learn very quickly.....

(Excuse the algae in the picture!:shh:)
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