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my next venture 5'x2'x2'


27 Jun 2010
well after really getting back in to the hobby now and my planted scape looking very much how i wanted it and very happy with the feedback i have received, i now wanted to re-do my 5'x2'x2' community aquarium.

now the tank was just a miss match of ocean rock white gravel bog wood java fern and java moss with a undergravel filter and 3 850lph power heads and 2 fluval 3 internal filters

and a selection of chiclids, tiger barbs, ruby finned sharks, and other barbs.

i have moved all the fish to my mam's 4'x18"x15" and they are now living with 2 pairs of pearl gourami my mam has had quite a qhile :)

anyway the white gravel will be gone and so to the undergravel filter and in there place will be fine sand and a large external filter system :)

my plan is and im not so sure im in the right place with this 1 but thought i would like to share with you all anyway a mabuna cichlid tank with yellow and blue labs.

i will be using river rocks to create a large caved style river bed with very uneven sand substrate and will use java fern for planting :)

so there it it my plan i will update as it progresses as this week will be collecting all my materials

just a quick 1 if i were to go to say richmond river to collect some rocks for the display would i be breaking any laws and would they be safe for use if given a really good wash as i was thinking they would be mature rocks and would look really affective for a start :)

thank you for reading and pics to follow :)

quick spec

tank - 5'x2'x2' all glass tank
lighting - 3x 48" arcadia marine glow white bulbs 1x marine glow blue moon bulb 36"
filter - fluval external with additional fluval 3 internal x 2 hidden behind hardscape
heater - 2x 300 watt
3000lph wave maker/power head x 2 1 each end 1 placed at front 1 placed at rear to create circular movement
substrate - fine sand
hardscape - river rock and boulders
plants - java fern mixed variations

fish will be yellow labs and blue labs only and maybe bristle nose plecs :)