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Journal My New Filter and Pond - Lots of pictures

Ed Seeley

3 Jul 2007
Thought I might post a few pictures of my pond as I've finally got time. The decking over the filter isn't finished yet, but that will be done first week of my summer holidays.

A view from an upstairs window of the filter,

and pond and stream.


Vortex chamber,

Brush chamber,

Flocor chamber (with Duckweed covering!)

And waste chamber where all the filter chambers drain into. This is linked to an inspection chamber, but I never use this and pump all the waste water onto the garden or into water butts.

This is the dry chamber,

Close up of the return pipes and non-return valves

and the electrics for pumps, UV, lights and alarms.

The new filter's just been finished this year, but the pond, stream and waterfall are nearly 10 years old now.

Makes a high tech planted tank look simple!!!
Wow !

Thats what I call really organised 8)

Makes mine look like the outdoor fish baths they are :lol:
WOW a super setup there Ed thats very impressive mate, how many gallons does the pond hold? Does it trail off into a stream there at the end, cant quite make it out correctly?

We had a talk recently at a fish club I am involved in from a leading pond designer in this country, he has created some massive ponds for parks, private houses, botanical gardens etc, have to say it was very interesting, had me tempted to try my hand although I do lack garden space here really for anything significant.

Nice pics, well done.
Cheers guys.

It's 3,500 gallons, probably a bit more with the new filter.

I actually just realised I posted all the technical pictures of the new filter and missed all the ones of the pond, stream and waterfall.

So here they are....
The water starts in a top, header pool with a gunnera in a large pot inside.

The waterfall (a 3 foot vertical drop) lands in a cobble lined pool that flows over a cobble riffle.

This then flows into a section of the stream with a gravel bed planted with watercress, Acorus, varigated Norfolk reed and Arrowheads.

The water then flows down the 18" deep stream that the fish regularly swim up and down.

A view of the stream from the pond too.

And then into the pond that is 6' deep at the deepest point with shelves for lilies and marginals.

The water is then taken into the filter via a bottom drain and a mid-water intake where it passes through all the chambers and is pumped all the way up to a trickle filter behind the top pool where it flows into the header pool and down the waterfall.

Hope that's a bit clearer!! ;)
CJ Castle said:
Very, very nice... I love this pond!

Thanks mate, I'm pretty pleased with it too! If only I could get my tanks looking anywhere near as good!!! :lol:
That`s a fantastic pond Ed. Funnily enough, it was this exact time on holiday in Cyprus last year that the hotel`s massive Koi pond inspired me to keep fish.

I`m not doing it on such a grand scale as a Koi set up yet, but one day I would love to have a set up as good as yours.

Well finally got the decking finished to cover the filter. Well I say finished; the steps still need completing...

First of all decking all down.


Now all the parts lifted up and out of the way so I can clean the filter.


Access is great, but the only problem is the two largest 'doors' weigh a ton! Will save me lifting weights!
Cheers Sam! :D
There are worse places to be with a bottle of Sol in your hand! When it is all complete I'll have a UKAPS meet up here, have to be next summer so we can sit out in the garden though!
Lozbug said:
that's a lovley pond! really like the set up. :)

Thanks very much! I like it, but I'm already planning changes to the filtration set up!
Fortunately they won't involve any major alterations....
heh, yeh know what you mean, once you think your done, you think of something else to add, improve or alter!

Very impressive pond, love the way it flows down the garden into the pond, the deep stream just before the pond is a great idea also.
The filter and decking is excelent, congrats on the all the work, keep us updated with new photos :)
LondonDragon said:
Very impressive pond, love the way it flows down the garden into the pond, the deep stream just before the pond is a great idea also.
The filter and decking is excelent, congrats on the all the work, keep us updated with new photos :)

Thanks! :D

Will take some new pics soon, once the garden looks a little less drab! Also be taking some pictures of the next filter conversion to fluidised and static K1 media instead of the brushes and flocor.