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Ludwigia Super Red Mini Height


5 Sep 2016
Hey guys,
I have some Ludwigia Super Red Mini in my scape and was wondering what other people's experiences were with its maximum height? Mine seems to be red at the top but doesn't appear to be getting much taller. It's about 15cm atm.

I've seen online anywhere from 10cm, 15cm, 20cm, 30cm, 50cm. So just how tall does that plant actually grow or does it just not have a limit? I was hoping to use it as a background plant but I'm wondering if it was better suited for the midground.

Maybe I'm just being impatient lol.

Andy Pierce

27 Nov 2020
Cambridge, UK
This is a wonderful plant. With CO2, EI dosing and good light, Ludwigia palustris mini ‘Super Red’ easily exceeds 40 cm - the distance from substrate to water surface in my aquarium. In my set-up once it gets to the surface it continues growing horizontally across the top and also seems to use that as the trigger point to start generating adventitious roots so whilst I'm sure it can get to 50 cm unrestricted, I trim it back vigorously. It tolerates pruning well and in my opinion the new growth looks the best with an attractive deep slightly-purple red colour - Aquarium plants recover from trimming | Fireplace aquarium. Lots of resources on this one:
Here's a time-lapse from newly planted emersed form growth: Ludwigia palustris | Fireplace aquarium. It took 2 months to get to 30 cm and transitioned to submerged growth almost immediately.
What kind of set-up do you have? If you're not using CO2 I could imagine it would top out lower. If you are using CO2 then I wonder whether something is wrong since in my hands this plant is a very vigorous grower.