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Love it, or hate it?

My perfect breakfast, bacon and egg sarnie of malt bread spread with marmite :) Not too sure about on weetabix though, might have to try that tomorrow :lol:
Its not gluten free.....apparently so I've not had it for years, dog loves it though. Small smear around he Kong

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Can't say I miss it. I like not feeling ill all the time now I have cut out gluten :D

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I tried it several times and mates... Out of UK no one understand why you eat that stuff! ;)
The first time I tried it my friends told me that it was very good and sweet, so I put a thick layer on my toast... Just imagine my face :(

Hate it :what: and sorry folks but some of these 'suggestions' are disgusting - though hub would probably like them. I won't tell him!!! ;)

Two marg/buttered slices of toast, slices of cheddar on one then marmite over the other, sandwich together - instant mouth treasure.