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Long post regarding my tank

I believe I have 3 otos. I never see them. I know I have a crowd of happy corys. I see them every day.
Update to say all the fish are still alive. Babies are wonderful and a joy to watch them swimming about together.

To my surprise, I went to finally clear out my old aquarium, which has just been sitting still with no heater or filter etc, and I found several adult Amano shrimps (I was sure I got them all!) and then realised they'd actually bred and had babies whilst the tank was all off and sitting there.
Have a quick read of this thread that is only a few days old...
Well whatever they are they are cute.

Need to sort out rehoming my male molly and any male babies but still haven't got round to it woops.

8 still really want aquatic frogs 😂
Well whatever they are they are cute.
If they have bred, then they definitely will not be amano shrimp as these need brackish water to breed.

It’s a pleasure to read that things have finally worked themselves out for you and hopefully you’re starting to get some real enjoyment out of the hobby.

Glad you stuck with it !!
Busy busy


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Other update - everyone still alive.

Just did a water change, and decided to add back one of my old rocks so I could attached my Anubis to it as it has just been floating about.

All the baby fish are fascinated with the rock.

They are all busy happy, growing slowly but I sort of like it as it means for now I don't need to worry about rehoming them.

One of my shrimps is huge, like an inch long and looks FULL of babies.

And I've just found a beautiful little red shrimp in my tank which is a surprise.

I hope the rock doesn't upset things but will monitor closely.

Remaining Cory is thriving despite me worries it was about to die a few weeks ago!