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Long handled planting tools


19 Feb 2011
Anyone got any recommendations for good long handled planting tools? I tried to find the ones I saw on here but I'm not having much luck :(

For tweezers, I just use cheap ones from ebay. I have a pair of straight and a pair of bent ones. If you're looking there to buy scissors, get proper branded ones as the cheap ones blunt very easily and end up making a mess of your plants.
Mmmm I was after something longer than that DrRob, up to twice as long. Claire are yours long or the more standard 25-27 cm ones? I have trouble reaching to the subtrate of my Vision 450 even with a step up. Now I'm going to plant it up I need something that will make it a lot easier. I've seen this on ebay: Rena Aqua Scissors 50cm Long Handle Aquarium Plant Tool | eBay but I'm not sure how good it would be. Has anyone got/used one?

Ive got one of these and to be fair there to clumsy to use effectively..
Yeah, ones like those are difficult to use. Mine are about 30cm long. I think they were meant for feeding reptiles or something... You can get ones about 40cm I think for reptile feeding too.
Oh :( Thanks for letting me know. I'll get some shorter ones and see how I get on. At least I won't be planting anything too fiddly!

We've pretty much decided to build a shorter base frame and just use the top of the original cabinet to sit the tank on. Problem sorted and it means I can put it against the wall opposite the sofa, underneath where the projector screen is. I'll finally be able to look at it straight on instead of having it as a room divider :D