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LIGHTING for a 18.12.12 (inch) NANO tank


12 Jul 2008
welling kent..
Hi, I have a 18”.12”.12” (inch) tank and I am struggling to find a suitable lighting system for a well planted tank, I was thinking of getting a arcadia arc pod 11w but I don’t think it will up to the job.. I want the lighting system to be compatible to the open tank design ….if that makes any sense…..
Cheers for your time………suggestions very welcome
Hello, I've the same size tank and in it's first incarnation I used a 36 powercompact in a strip of drain pipe with some legs on it so it rested on the tank rim, not Ideal but a good cheap option.
There are also luminaires available from portugal that are perfect but unfortunately aren't shipped to the uk. :rolleyes:
Nothing, It had a busted seal so I had to strip it down. If I where you I'd go for the arcadia luminaire, you should have enough light to grow just about anything, and if you really want a boost just add some of those t6 tubes from AE.