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Laputa - Tbro's Nano

Thanks Clark, the shrimp and the moss both seem to do well in the no CO2 and minimal ferts (I drop some TPN in when I remember) enviroment, having said that the Straugones has pretty much died off....
TBRO said:
Oh here is this tank again. This is delightful--makes me want to set up a nano with moss and shrimp. Those microrasboras look great in there.
Thanks hydrophyte and laimyzaz, I love this little tank. Makes me seriously think about changing my big one for another nano! Been messing around with the wood a bit today. Also I found a great pipe cleaning device from Eheim, it can just about get round the curves of the ADA Do-Aqa nano pipes. So I need not remove my glass wear in shame anymore :D .
Her's the device and my now clean pipes. Will post some tank pics later when the water clears - Tom


A Tiny brush is attached to some stiff monofilament (like lawn mower string), comes with other larger brushes too

The evidence !
Few Update shot, yes again I could do more moss trimming but what can you do. I've moved the wood around a bit but otherwise it remains the same. The glasswear and eheim classic are still running in dead silence, which is a must in a tank that shares your bedroom! I'm quite excited by the pico challenge, I will get a Tbro styled version for the comp..... as well as re-scaping my big tank, fun, fun :D






Work in progress, Tom
Refreshing little piece of nature living in the corner of your room :thumbup:

Great pico tank as well! Very clean lines. Where did you got it from?

I still love that red cabinet... gonna have a rethink on how to re-finish mine now :D

Tank looks great too btw, but the moss needs a trim... it'll come back thicker in no time :)
Your tank has blown me away, absolutely amazing! well done :) and i would also be intrested to know where upon you stumbled across that amazing pico.
Thanks for the comments Guys, I get immense pleasure from this tank. The shrimp and microrasboras are a joy to watch. I'm going to harvest some moss for my Pico entry. The Vase came from John Lewis see my entry


Hope lots of you people give it a go, regards Tom
TBRO said:

This tank is looking great. I love this in situ shot. This setup is such a perfect illustration that you don't need a huge aquarium or huge budget to put together a wonderful display.
A water change made me want to post some update pics. I get so much pleasure out of this little cosmos, that I like it even half full ! I've been trying to keep on top of the pruning but I never was too good at that.... :oops: Decided that my main tank needed some CRS action, it's full of cherry shrimp dezpite looking a bit of a shambles they're breeding like rabbits. My cats got excited when they spied an old food bowl being used to transport a shrimp cocktail :lol:


The glass - half full



Nervous little CRS


Their new home



Thanks for the kind comments Dan, George and planter.

Unfourtunatley I know one day I will want to re-scape things but hopefully as the moss is slow growing and easily maintained that won't be for some time.

All those scapes you do for PFK, George - I bet your gutted having to pull each one down to do the next one, I guess change is good....
Just updating this post, not much has changed but that's the nice thing about this tank. No CO2, very occasional ferts and waterchanges, slow passage of time. Trying to reduce the shrimp population by exporting them to my big tank. Seems to be helping as the remaining shrimps are now growing again.

Enjoy, T