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Interzoo BABY!

Dan Crawford

21 Jun 2007
Daventry, Northants
So George and I are off to Interzoo this evening, we're meeting up with Roy Devani from Unipac at the airport and traveling over with him.

We've gotta celeb packed list of folks that we need to meet up with including Lars Green, Oliver Lucanus, Chris Lukhaup, Oliver Knott and Heiko Bleher! Oh, and some bloke called Jeremy Gay ;) We're only going till Sunday and theres a packed schedule but we'll be sure to find every new product out there and let you all know.

Graeme is already there and says it's awesome! The tanks that we did for Tropica have made it over and looking good apparently :thumbup:

Woo hoo, Germany BABY!
Chris Lukhaup is rumored to be coming over to the UK with Takashi Amano and Heiko Bleher as part of a "World Series".

I'm also meeting up with David Saxby, owner of D&D and the UK's best reef tank (IMO). See if I can get him into planted tanks...

It's going to be fun! I'm taking my usual camera and compact to get some video footage.

Can't wait to see the UKAPS/Tropica tank. I got a text message from Jeremy Gay saying there were about 20 people standing around it yesterday, all admiring it.

Beir bitte! :D
Tell Saxby that Eco System is the way forward... The days of Deltec are gone ;)
Hungary - UK aquascaping bridge 3+3! :D Cool to meet you in person, guys!


(Keymaker, Nigro, George, Viktor, Dan, Graeme)


(Key, Oliver Knott, Nigro, Viktorlantos)

I made some photos at the Tropica stand of the stunning UKAPS-Green Machine scapes... I need permission to post them. Can I?

George Farmer said:
I got a text message from Jeremy Gay saying there were about 20 people standing around it yesterday, all admiring it.
Check. I have to confirm that it absolutely was a star when I got there... And it still was, when I had to go back a couple of hours later to see it again. ;)

You guys have without doubt made the best scapes around... It was an absolute revelation to sit around and watch them. For me it is obvious that the road you walk is the "One". Respect. :idea:
Looks like you're having fun there. If you could snag one of those elos led lights I'm sure I can find someone who'd have it ;).
Do we know anymore about tropica's new plants, weren't they meant to be being launched at interzoo? What's dennerle offering? Are the LED lights for their cube rumors true?
Now is the time for you guys to get those cool shrimp you all wanted without the £80 shipping fee
OK, so here we go with the best tanks at Interzoo 2010:

George and Dan @ Tropica:




Graeme @ Tropica (Nature's Privilege - what a fantastic name):




The making of the previous photo:

Lars Green (?) of Tropica (the incredible Tenellus carpet was pruned several times to keep it dense and short - with spotless leaf-ends!)



Oliver Knott has made 5 great scapes for Tropica, HP Aquarium, Anubias, AquaDeco and Ceab. I sent my full-tank pictures to him and he said he was happy to post them on his site in the coming days, so please check back there later (currently only his wider shots are uploaded). Teaser:

Two stunning Glosso carpets. One from AquaticNature...


... and the other from... ?

Vitrea showtank:

There also were at least 15-20 other stunning planted scapes...
Tropica tanks were amazing. The acrylic tanks with the beauty healthy plants in it all professional scaped was really the top of the show. we had to visit that several times they were like a magnet :lol:

Congratulations to George, Dan, Graeme and Tropica for the Tropica booth.

the strange thing is that Oliver's tank was the weakest at the Tropica booth. he made many excellent tank on other places but the one he had on Tropica not worked out well. maybe the plants overgrown i do not know, but he was beaten by the ukaps guys for sure :thumbup:

i was happy to see that planted tanks were there at many places. probably half of the tanks or more were planted at Interzoo. And finally many company realized that they need prof scapers to do the job. The result was really good.

it was a pleasure to meet the ukaps founders. we had so much virtual talk here, but to meet with you guys worth the trip alone :thumbup: