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Inspiration thread - Post your sources of inspiration!

Don't know if you've ever had a chance to walk down Lathkilldale in Derbyshire? The river system goes underground and has a mineral water kind of purity to it. When it pops up it's crystal clear and as it winds it's way along a series of gentle weirs is a great place to watch trout swimming amongst big clumps of small leaved aquatic plants similar to Hemianthus, loads of ferns and mosses along the way. Lovely spot for the Summer, in the Winter it's probably a raging torrent of destruction!

Jacek Debski's moss tank is awesome to say the least
That is a fantastic scape! If only he would cover that sawn off end.

after viewing Piotr's link here:


I was very interested in the ZooExpo nano competition winner 2011 which you get a brief view of in the film, mainly as it looked like something I'd been thinking / dreaming of doing. After trawling the web I found some photos and looking at the scape in the photos imo it just gets better - obviously I haven't got the skill or the eye to do anything like he has but I'm going to give it a try at some point and for those looking for inspiration with a cube scape will be hard pressed to come up with something better!

https://picasaweb.google.com/1129458186 ... 8222308258

http://translate.googleusercontent.com/ ... aM1jXbyW7g

For our Polish members - if anyone has any better photos I'd be interested in seeing them!
That is awesome Steve. Is it still living too?
My great inspiration is youtube channel ADA VIEW ADA view - YouTube
I've subscribed and check it often. You can follow each tank's developement over a long time. They update each tank weekly!! They've done this for 30 weeks already!
My absolute favourite tank must be the one from this post, starting from 2:24h