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IAPLC booklets - worth buying?

Steve Smith

19 Jul 2007
Wellesbourne, UK.
Hey guys. I was looking at buying a few things and the oppertunity to buy a copy of the any of the IAPLC booklets for 2001 - 2005 has arisen. I wondered if they're a good read and if anyone has an idea for which year is particularly good?

Cheers, Steve.
I've only got the 2008 booklet but I'm dissapointed with it. The photos are too small and there's not any information on any of the setups past the top 10 or so I think.

You'd be better off buying a Nature Aquarium World book if you haven't already got all three, or from what I hear the Aqua Journals are quite good.
They are not too bad, Steve. Just see what you think. You will be able to see my four year winning streak from 2001 - 2004 when I was the dominant force in aquascaping. :lol:

Personally, I prefer the Aqua Journals and ADA catalogue.

I like them, I probably refer to them more than Aquajournals, aquajournals are nice but I think I get more out of the IALPC booklets I have to say, cant go wrong really they are pretty cheap afterall. Word of warning though, the binding on then isnt great, a couple of mine have loose pages in them which is annoying even with careful usage.