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IAPLC 2010 TOP 27

I personally like the winning scape,it has got great depth and you could imagine yourself walking through there,but to be honest i think they are all very good even if they are not to our own personal tastes,what we have to remember is the hard work it takes to reach the level of these scapes and maintaining that level of clean looking tanks,
well the more i look at this the more i like it 8) .


i think the valley bit and sand is excellent.
number 2 is great , the use of that rocks are brillant !! :D :wideyed:
n. 4 and n. 9 are masterpieces too 8) :thumbup:
n. 1... well, is a very very good tank. Not "win" for my taste, but is ok. :eek:
n. 7....no comments.... :rolleyes: :? :silent:

No 4 does it for me everytime. How the fish are swimming through that "loop" in the branches... so magical! I don't get the rules either... didn't No 12 finish 2nd in AGA2009? Whose results were announced way way way before IAPLC10 even started?

I like no 2 but can't help thinking that its been shot with an ultra-wide to give it that super deep look...
I believe AGA have auto selection where if you select it, it will automatically submited to IAPLC. So I guess there is come agreement between AGA and IAPLC.

I do not think no2 was shot with ultra-wide lens, check out the left side you should be able to see the glass frame which not really deep. The scape that make it deep.
First time I've really looked at results of one of these and one thing I must say, is how hard it has to be to do the judging!

I read what everyone else said before I looked at the pics, but I have to say, number one is quite amazing and looks like a perfect woodland scene with such strong greens and excellent lines in those trees. The time it must have taken to get such perfect vertical positioning and not make anything stand out and spoil the overall picture deserves recognition alone. But I love it and taking nothing away from the rest, all I can say is this one and possibly 5 or 6 others would have the winning vote from me.
Number 4 has immediate novelty value but my first thought was "should have gone to specsavers" lol it's a very cool design but would not hold long term appeal as some of the others would, I feel. I don't know how you guys judge these in your own minds, but the basics of initial impression, (wow factor) coupled with how long you can stare at it before wanting to move on, both matter to me.

Its so great to look at tanks of this level. It should as it's done with me, bring most folk back down to earth and re think their own designs and capabilities. That said, its always going to be a personal thing and in the end, thats the great thing about this hobby.


Wow, that's beautiful isn't it!? I guess that exact pic could be scaped, and the hardest but possibly the most eye-catching and rewarding aspect would be those rolling mounds of earth and tree roots at the base.
Makes me appreciate that number 1 moreso :)
For me its number 2. I was a bit disappointed to see number one first, just not too my liking probably but done very well we must admit. And if you are ever to visit a forest in Russia you could see that it looks 100% like the scape. This aloneprobably got a lot of points it really looks identical to real forest of Russia. Number four is original but a bit too dark to my taste.
As the competitiveness gets higher with the years all 100 or more first aquascapes are very beautiful and of a high standard.
Here's a picture from a different forum , it seems to be the winning shot, looks the same to me anyway as those posted here already.

Heres the first shot from this thread


and heres Stu's straightened out version from the next page (amazingly accurate!)


and the winner is!! :D click on the image


The fish seem to be some sort of cat fish clinging onto the tree trunks, You need to look hard to spot them!

Well done Pavel, congratulations :thumbup:
No 37 was the one I picked out as my favourite. Later found out that Amano also gave it his top marks too :) Maybe I do have an eye for this malarky if not the hands. lol

Look where the main rockwork ends. Looks like it as the very back of the tank. And then look through the arch. Looks as though those rocks through the arch are miles away yet they can only be an inch or 2 behind the main 'structural' rockwork.