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Hello from Bangalore, India


11 Jun 2014
Bangalore, India
Hi All,

Exited to meet you all
so here i go with an small intro about myself,

"I am a Visual designer and based out in Bangalore, Design as my passion it just comes out to be that colors are my best friends, and the best color i saw through was Planted Aquariums, its just amazing to see something out from nature sitting right beside you".

hmm theories apart
now coming to where my best finned pals live:

Aquarium: 3ft length : 1.5ft high: 1.5ft depth.
ADA Soil mixed with aqua clay : almost 35 kg
Aquazonic 3ft light
Hdd Light 3ft
sunsun 302 canister filter
800 lt/hr submersible pump
Co2 cylinder with Ista dual gauge regulator & solenoid
Ista Mix Max Co2 Inline reactor
Fossil wooden stone & ADA stone
Drift wood
Around 20 different & rare variety of plants & mosses.
fishes include : cardinal tetra, neon tetra, albino tetra, herliqune tetra, Siamese algae eater, etc.
Front-line timer for automation.
EI fertilizer dosing.

Thats all for now
and you can have a look at my buddies swiming around in youtube here:

Anyways i have loads and loads of questions to ask, i am curious all the time, so catching you awesome ppl over her soon :)

Chk some of the Images i recently Captured , they pose well trust me