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Group shipping buy for Manzanita driftwood from Tom Barr

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2 Aug 2007
This is a response to some folks who want driftwood. the deal is this, pay shipping cost, the wood is free. Yes, free.
It's considered a fire hazard in CA where this tree is everywhere. The fire Dept hacks it back from the roads for fire control.

I saw the little beaver sticks shipped in another thread.
Having pity and plenty of this same wood near, I can toss some in a box or several boxes and ship.

I can give the zip code here in Sacramento CA, 95817.
I can send longer pieces, say 100cm or 120 cm easily, or shorter pieces, you may also cut them up, cut angles, use slate etc to make arrangements. I drive up to regions where's a lot of it.
Old dead post fire regions are best, or rocky super dry spots.
I'll try and put the nicer pieces in for you folks, better than the stuff I've seen on line.
Not like there's none to chose from. Some of the smaller twigs are useful for nano tanks also, even down to say 2-3 liters.
So they work very well for a wide range of tanks and can be bundled together, attached to slate to make a nice root/tree very easily.

The wood itself is dense, but not that heavy, it's adapted to soak up water when it's wet, and survive like few other species when dry and hot, even more/as much as deserts species.
I will not add padding etc, just pack the wood till it's fairly tight packed.

Go to the post office, get the customs form, ship and then that's it.

It'll be a week or two more till I head up. I might head up Tues, but not sure just yet.
I do research up near the place, and might look for some more at the nice spot I found recently.

Most of the Manzy will sink etc, get a wire brush, scrub it some, soak, scrub, and then it should sink fairly well. Might take a few days to soak up, but every piece I've ever had sank after a bit. Placing a rock or adding a little bit of slate took care of any issues till it soaked.

I can take some pics on how to clean and prep, where to cut etc.

Basic stuff.

Tom Barr
Count me in, Tom!

Could you be a little clearer on what is required from us Limeys?

Tom there is only one problem here....you are going to be swamped with requests!! seriously.

I would love to get some if it was possible.
Count me in to please, I'd be wanting smaller stuff if that was possible? upto 60cm :D

Nice one Tom, I would be interested in some in the future, I will let the people that need it now to get the first batch.
Your help in this is much appreciated Tom, thanks :)
I'd be intetested in some smaller bits (less than 50cm).

How about Tom sends the wood to a founder, and we hold a sort of 'UKAPS Auction' to raise a bit of money?
That would mean all the best bits go to those who have money (or have a job ;) )

As far details, you guys work that out amongst yer selves.
So if you want some shipped to Scotland, some to L town, and some to York, no sweat.

Ground/sea etc is fine with me.
Cost you less.

Main thing is shipping, that's the only cost to you folks.
Consider it a donation, one man's garbage, is another's gold.

I have lots of sizes to chose and cut down to whatever sized tanks you might have, but few of you have tanks over 180cm and most in the 60-120 cm range, making this ideal wood.

I've collected driftwood for some 25 years, I think I've only bought LFS maybe 3 pieces in my life.
I did this long before I kept plants 100%(about 15 years ago), and I also collected petrified wood at local Volcano's near here. Sorry, not free there:)
I keep or donate to the Geology museum.

So if you want the shipment split up some way, just let me know.
I'll pack it up, then give you weight/size and origin ship point. From there, you may calculate the ship cost.
I'll take down to the shipper, get an actual weight, pay and off it'll go. I'll email the actual cost for the shipment.

I have boxes laying around, so that's no cost, not real concerns if a few branches break etc, so no packing, plenty of wood up in them thar hills. So ship is the only issue.

Organize a group or groups that will take charge of the % cost from each, then a destination/pick up point.

Then I'll post a method for cleaning and soaking the wood, how to attach to slate if need be, and different ways to make the branches look fairly cool and stay in place(sinking is less of an issue, but there are some semi creative methods for making root mass balls, keeping things in place etc).

Tom Barr
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