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Good general beginners camera.


11 Jul 2010
Wellingborough, Northants

I know nothing about photography but would like to get into taking a few decent nature pictures.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a reasonably priced beginners camera?

Budget £200 or so max.

I think you would be looking at a pretty good point and shoot camera for that price. You'd still be a bit low for a good bridge camera and a little shy of a new DSLR but you could probably get a nice condition second hand one. I know this doesn't really help I'm only a beginner as well and went straight for the DSLR but you can take fantastic photos with a point and shoot.
You can get a decent consumer DSLR second hand for that amount, you'd still need to buy a lens though. For DSLRs the body may be essential for taking the image but it's the lenses you put the most investment into especially if it's pro glass. For a small interchangeable lens camera system the Nikon1 system is pretty good and if you get the right adapter you can use pretty much any lens on the front (I have adapters for Nikkor, M42 and Olympus that I can use with my V1).