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Glutaraldehyde - Other names and uses

Mr T

24 Nov 2009
Nr Wroxham, Norfolk
Now, I don't wish to start a heated thread but have been doing some reading on our old friend Glutaraldehyde (main ingredient used in liquid carbon sources). It seems to lurk in a variety of names, including the following:


Found this on this site:

Now, I'm sure the readers of this site are well aware of the possible risks of using liquid carbon to both themselves and their aquatic friends (and the heated debate surrounding its use, just search the forum for glutaraldehyde if you’re unaware). But have a look at the ingredients in this horse hoof / frog treatment. (Info on what the frog is for the non equine folk here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frog_(horse))


And this is in a spray form! Wonder how many horse owners have inadvertently breathed in the mist?
Obviously I'm not trying to drop a company 'in it' as the concentrations are not stated and may well be extremely low, but it makes you think. What lurks in stuff we use everyday?!

My fish supplier makes his own mixture which is pretty potent. I love it because it is dirt cheap. I think it was $4.50 for 125 ml which only needs 1 drop per 10 litres 3 times a week. Beats buying overpriced flourish.
I would like to know how to use this stuff as we buy it in 10 ltr drums as a sanitiser. The strength is something like this:

Gluteraldehyde 150g/l
quartenary ammonium compounds 100 g/l

I am pretty sure the quartenary ammonium conpounds is just part of the gluteraldehyde.

Stuffed if I am gonna risk it while it is so cheap to buy the stuff pre mixed from my supplier though.
You asked an almost identical question in this thread which I replied to - http://www.ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=10557

The product is a mixture of chemicals. It has 150g glutaraldehyde and also 100g of a Quartenary Ammonium Compound in 1 litre of water. It is a pretty nasty solution and should never be added to an aquarium.

Just doing a quick Google for Quartenary Ammonium Compound brings up a whole list of results of which this is one - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quaternary_ammonium_cation

Please be careful messing about with glutaraldehyde. When your health is good it is less of a worry than when you are unhealthy.