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When i read this thread on the mobile version only some of the comments show up, any idea why?
Is this still running George?
It sure is. :)

I reckon there's over 100 shrimp in there now. I'll probably take some to my LFS in exchange for some Amano shrimp for my home tank.

Here's a few recent pics. You should be able to make out the intense surface agitation I have from the G6 filter. This is to help improve oxygen levels, especially during this lovely weather. Tank temp. averages around 25C, but the shrimp seem happy and very active.




It's a really low maintenance set-up. Non-CO2, 20% water change every 2-3 weeks with RO + Salty Shrimp GH booster to 225 conductivity.

I expecting a shipment of Super Reds from Hobby Shrimp soon.
I was wondering howany bags of soil you had to use for this one?

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I was wondering howany bags of soil you had to use for this one?

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2 x 4 litre of this - Environment Aquarium Soil 4kg | Hobby Shrimp

I understand it is from the same guys that make the Salty Shrimp product line (Logemann brothers, Germany).

I like the tank George. Are you still using ambient light? Looks like you might have a single T5 tube or is that just for the benefit of the new photo's?

I'm using 2 x 18w T8 with reflectors from an old Juwel Rio 125. There's a pink and a daylight tube. 7hr photoperiod.
Thanks mate. I took a closer look and saw that the bags are in liters not kg. That's what was throwing me off about it just couldn't guage how much a 4kg would hold. I have heard good reviews of the soil for buffering and water clarity.

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George, a quick question, which camera and lens specifically are you using? I am struggling to take good shots of my tank. The lamp I am using is HQI with green spectrum of light (ADA) and pictures have this strong green tint and not a pleasure to look at unlike yours. Thanks
Also, you got some nice work going!
Hi Jack

I use a Canon 6D with 24-105 for most stuff, and 100mm macro for close-up work. I recently used a 50D which was also good.

The NA Green lamp is great for green stuff but I find it tough to get a nice overall colour rendition.

I doubt any camera or lens could change that.

looks really nice now,have you tried taking a custom white balance with a white target in the tank,just thought it might be worth a go.well done on your photography ,all the best roy
Hi all,

I took the DSLR into work today so took the opportunity to take a few shots of my shrimp tank.

I've removed the tall Eleocharis as it was blocking too much light from the Alternanthera, and getting covered in algae. I also removed the Bucephelandra as it was growing so slowly and getting covered in BBA. The Buce is now in my Signature tank at home.

All the remaining plants are doing fine. Growth is really slow and the shrimp seem very happy. I counted well over 80 in there today, and that was after off-loading some into my home tank. :)

Very vibrant George, really nice defined colour contrasts, works a treat with the shrimp :)
I realy like this set up. The shrimp stand out and look awesome. I also noticed I've done the same for lighting as you , I didn't copy you honest.:)
Looks great George, what kind of maintenance do you perform on this tank?
Thanks mate.

Every day I add 1.2ml of Tropica Premium/Specialised 50:50 mix.

Every couple of weeks or so I'll change 25% of the water with RO and Salty Shrimp GH+. Prune any plants that need it. Wipe the glass. Clean the Fluval G pre-filter. Add some Japanese powdered bacterial food and liquid. That's it. Takes less than an hour.

It's the lowest maintenance tank I've ever owned.

I think the key to success is the RO and active soil, and clean water (Fluval G6). Temperatures went up to 28C in the summer and the shrimp were fine. I encourage high O2 levels through loads of surface agitation.

This tank has really made me fall in love with shrimp! :)
Thanks George more to make people aware that it is not difficult/demanding to keep a nice looking low tech tank, its not all about the bells and whistles that is going to bring you great success ;)