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For Dave and supercoloey :-)

Sand V gravel

  • sand

    Votes: 11 42.3%
  • gravel

    Votes: 15 57.7%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
Is spelling my username wrong part of the fun? :D

You owe me a new TV screen.

Aargh now it's 2

Agree on lightening up ;)

Andy Cole suggesting more light? what's going on. Look what you've started now :) :idea:

Now don't you dare do a post titled 'I haven't researched anything and I want answers' :crazy:


p.s. whats the score so far. I refuse to vote and therefore can't see the scores on the doors :silent:
stuworrall said:
when does a sand technically become a gravel. thats the big question

Confusus, say.."when wise man, cannot pass sand between fine riddle, then it is gravel."
Well even if I wanted to vote I couldn't really.

My substrate is play sand, with a bit of anderby creek sand in the corners, then some Anderby creek shale in the corners/round the cobbles and then Roman Gravel 5-10mm scattered in places.

So I vote sand, shale and gravel :lol:

Do you get the feeling we're being picked on Dave :lol:

'grumpy old men' that we are :clap:
SuperColey1 said:
Do you get the feeling we're being picked on Dave :lol:

'grumpy old men' that we are :clap:

We have earnt the right to be a right pair of grumpy old sods.

I should've voted. can't believe gravel won. thats ruined my week :(

However I am now cheered up because 26 saddos actually did vote.

Now if you'll excuse me I am half way (four days) through deciding which colour tyres I am going to put on my road bicycle. (racer to us English)

What bike have you got, Andy?
This is mine, circa 1984, needs some tlc but still works like a dream. Needs the seat altering though, it's killing me to ride it.