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First Co2 system - advice?


16 Feb 2019
Hi all!

So I’m looking to purchase my first co2 system for a 15g tank. I’ve found one on co2supermarket which seems to be highly reccomended by the lovely people here on the forum. I just have a few questions before I take the plunge.

Firstly concerning the choices for ‘Solenoid Type’. What’s the difference between the ‘12V with UK plug’ and the ‘Mains ( with selected plug)’? I’m just looking to plug it into a timer, yet one option is more expensive than the other?
Secondly, I need to know which adapter i’d need to fit the kit to a 2kg fire extinguisher? And is the fire extinguisher refillable?

I’ve provided links to the co2 kit and the fire extinguisher I was looking at, and if someone can offer a bit of advice that would be great, as this stuff gets a bit complicated!


I use standard CO2 cylinders which I refill and the same fittings fit my spare back up FE cylinder

A 12v solenoid runs cooler than a mains one and 12v is safer if it gets wet. I have both.

Some places will refill FE
Thanks for the link, there is a place near me that will refill FE’s! I assume the fire extinguisher I linked is capable of being refilled?

So will a standard regulator such as the one in that kit work just fine with FE’s without any extra adaptors?