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eradication of snails


11 Jul 2007
Hey guys, hope everyone is well. I'm setting up a new tank over the next few weeks and wondered if you had any advice on getting rid of snails.....i.e terminating with extreme prejudice! Well I say this but obviously there is nothing in the tank at the moment and most of the plants I will be buying from tropica so I would hope they're snail free, however I do have some existing ferns which I wouldn't mind using again but I know they'll be snail eggs on them and allsorts.

What's the best method to clean the plants before putting them into the tank? Or is it better not to risk it?
this is not an orthodox method... Stick a piece of copper tubing in the tank. Leave for long enough to poison the snails. Then remove and do several 100% wc before adding any livestock.
I use Assassin snails or the old fashioned method of crushing them against the glass. But watch if you have other snail species my Assassins ate my Nerite snails! It was twice the size as well.
You can get snail traps I think in which the snails get into it but can't get back out. I'm not sure how well they work though.