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diy style pressurised co2


22 Nov 2011

ive had an idea with diy co2, a cheapo hopefully low cost way of having regulated co2 on a timer with no pressure build up worries and low cost recipe.

I live very near some crumbly cliffs so have a never ending supply of chalk. that mixed with acid of some sort creates co2 but it is not constant reaction over a period.

i thought perhaps cracking open an old gas cylinder (i know the risks, done it before) mixing crushed natural chalk with citric acid and water, screwing in the brass valve and let the stuff react.

this will probably create a fair amount of co2 and will be contained in a pressurised bottle.

here on it would just be the usual solenoid, needle valve arrangement with maybe a bottle of water to filter any muck and count bubbles.

benefits of this is that it would cost next to nothing to make a batch of co2 which could potentially last quite a while, it wouldnt be too messy, old gas bottles can be picked up for next to nothing, the only potentially costly part would be a solenoid. using the original gas canister regulator to a needle valve + solenoid to switch it off should do the trick i'm thinking.

so thats my thoughts, i'm yet to do it.

any feedback on that approach?


20 Mar 2013
If you speak to your local fire extinguisher servicing company, you'll probably find they have a load of old ones that are past their sell by date but still perfectly usable for our purposes. I get mine for £5 each.

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