DIY dual peristaltic dosing pump with alternate switching.

Discussion in 'Completed DIY Projects' started by ian_m, 6 Jul 2012.

  1. ian_m

    ian_m Global Moderator Staff Member

    25 Jan 2012
    I suspect, as supplied, all the switch units respond to channel 1, thus when we set one at channel 3 for instance it still responds to channel 1. :banghead:

    Great use as time switches for fish tanks, surprised more people don't use them....advantages as far as I am concerned are:
    - Can put 4 switched sockets next to each other on a 4 way extension block (unlike normal digital timers).
    - Can change on/off times of the devices from comfort of your arm chair.
    - Easy to move clock forward/backward for all switched sockets in spring/autumn at clock change time.
    - As you state, need to turn light on to have a morning inspection, no need to faff around in electrics cupboard to locate the timer override switch. Just press "on" and "off" when done.
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