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CPD with ulcer


13 Jul 2020
Nice shout! Just taken a look at these and they look pretty good. The 600 says max 1900lt ph and my biomaster 850’s are rated at 1500 (and we all know you never really get that) so I reckon I could just plumb straight in without a bypass and still get enough dwell time?

It would be much easier than a separate line. Even with the size of my cabinet, there’s a lot going on under there already! I’ll need to do some jiggery pokery to mount it; It’s huge!!!

What do you reckon folks?
Yes I did the same thing, went for something with a bit higher rating than my filter. In reality my filter is really slow lol so I think it does a really good job. I attach it to my main Oase 600 filter, it’s easy but I didn’t realise how long they are so mine sticks out the back of my cabinet and the pipe has to come round to the side. Nobody sees that but though so never mind lol!