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CO2 And filter recommendations


26 Aug 2019
London UK
I have recently bought a JUWEL LIDO 200 which I have Aquascaped and planted moderately-heavily. I set this all up without considering the need for co2 or perhaps an upgraded filtration system as the one that comes with the tank isn’t good enough and doesn’t look very nice.
I have been researching canister filters and co2 systems with in-line diffusers but everywhere is telling me differently what is needed for a 200 litre aquarium

My main questions are : is a canister filter the best option for me? if so which one to buy

Which co2 system is best and what diffuser is recommended for my tank size?

I would be grateful for advice on which items to buy to set up a successful filter and co2 system for an aquarium my size.
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I have a 200l aquarium and use the FX4. Thought it may have been a bit fierce, but no issues. I have replaced media with that from Pond Guru All seems good.
you have various options that will work. My preference would be OASE (the largest) as the heater is hidden. I also like the aqua rio diffusers as they produce a fine mist, easy to clean and cheap to replace. I find in tank diffusers preferable for a few reasons, but others prefer other methods , inline/reactors etc (each to their own!)

I would also consider a surface skimmer - not essential but they do help with gas exchange