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Assasin snails with red cherry shrimp


16 Feb 2012
Hi all

An internet search reveals conflicting advice....i have moved my assasins in with 30 RCS in a 23 ltr tank (7 of)

Do they eat shrimp or not ? The assasins are well fed on live pond snails and were growing well in the bigger tank but i,ve just added clown loaches and i,m pretty sure they would either be short of food now with the loaches eating there food and possibly them aswell !

Anyone keep assasins and RCS together and breed them both ?
I've got two assasins in my 180 with lots of rcs. The assasins aren't beeding but they don't seem to bother the rcs at all if thats any help?
My clowns made short work of a zebra snail so I'm pretty sure they'd handle an assasin with ease!

Used to have 3 assasins in with my 60l crystal tank. Switched on one morning to find all 3 munching one of my reds. Shame i thought, shrimp must have died and didnt think anything of it. Until the 2 days later when i saw a snail latched on to a live shrimp. 10 mins later all 3 were on it munching away.

Needless to say personally i wouldnt mix them with expensive shrimp again!!
Thanks guys

It seems some have no trouble and others have lost shrimp :arghh:

Not sure what to do now , nones gone in the night but they have only gone in there yesterday !
Its hit and miss. I have had assassins in all my tanks before and have only seem them eat 1 shrimp.

It totally depends on the food source and if 1 shrimp is unwell and responds slow. Come on. A snail chasing a shrimp?

I have however seen more shrimp eating dead sheimps than assassin eating snails.
Just make sure they have a protein source!! I think maybe my problem was that there were not many pest snails in the tank. Once they'd gone, perhaps their attn turned to shrimp?!
I,m very lucky i have a source of common pond snails in my indoor qt tank , i,ve got hundreds of them so i can put plenty in there for them to hunt down :thumbup:

My own newbie thoughts were that they would have to be very hungry to try and catch / eat a shrimp . It looks like i will just have to see what happens :)