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Anubias and high light


5 Mar 2010
Hi all,

I know anubias are written as the plants that fare best in low light, but are there some that handle high or intense light better than others, without the algae creeping in on hence damaged leaves?

I have an area in my tank where the wood is quite high and it's a possibility that anubias could be reaching to about a few inches below the surface. Although I don't have masses of tubes, the two T5 in the hood are pretty close to the plants then.


I have had Anubias sp growing close to the surface, and out of the water with no problems (lights were T8s). You should find it grows faster, and flowers like mad.

Thanks for that, its good to hear. At the moment I have only anubias caladefolia but would like to find others, especially those with long eliptical shape leaves. The names ive seen I like are Azfelii, Lanceolatta, angustofolia, congensis, rubesence and Cameroon. I'm sure theres loads more but of these the only one I can find is the angustofolia. Have you seen the others anywhere?

Gfish said:
are written as the plants that fare best in low light,

I wouldn't say that's true at all. Their adaptable to low light and grow well, this is true, but they also love high light if conditions are good. They also love substrate if their roots are allowed to bury them selves ;)

my anubias bonsai, loved high light...


the parts of the root, is where it buried itself.


and this from just a couple of plants in about 10 weeks

Hi Mark,

Lovely tank shot! Very nice.
Looks like you had great growth from your anubias.
I'm not worried about my anubias that are close to the substrate. I do have some coffefolia in a 3ft attached to roots of a tree stump and they're all sending their own roots toward the sand. The ones high in my 5th I'm most worried about, but I ain't moving them, infact I'm going to add to them and some java fern too. I just wondered if some were more able to handle high intensity light better than others. Got to give them a go though so cheers for the vote of confidence :)