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Announcing the UKAPS Aquascaping Experience 2016

Hey guys, the Wabi-Kusa Workshop will be straight after Stu Worrall Photography workshop, trying to keep timings closer to original list, we are all in a mad rush this evening as we are all heading to Daventry in the morning to get it all setup.

See you all on Saturday :)
Enjoy all who attend and please do share with us! :snaphappy::snaphappy::snaphappy:
Just come back from the show (had to leave early, unfortunately), and well what can I say...what a rip-roaring success. Perfect venue, great turnout, and great talks and demos.
And great to see the usual suspects again and finally meet some more of the other people that help to make UKaps so special...:)
And also thanks to the UKaps team members whose hard work made it all possible:clap:
What a great experience :).Was a nervous wreck in the hardscape challenge :lol:.
Big thanks to UKAPS for organizing a great day.Especially those who set everything up :clap:.
Congrats to all the contestants,amazing hardscape :woot:.
And good to see so many people come and support the event :thumbup:.
It was great day. The show was amazing.
It was nice to see people as passionate as me about aquascape sharing their secrets.
I was a bit shy though and should have made more of an effort to get to know more people.
Can't wait for next year, it's time the UK gets more of these and thank you for George and everyone here at UKAPS that helped organize and make this day possible.
I know it must have been a lot of work to make this so successful.
Hi! I'm new to ukaps but took a trip down to the event today. Lovely tanks and really enjoyed Stu's photography talk (missed the others unfortunately), I had to leave early though. Does anyone know who the winners of the hardscape comp were? Got bets on with the boyfriend!
1st place was Ivan Lugovic
2nd Steve Rhodes
3rd Piotr Kwiatkowski
4th Juris Jujaevs
Congratulations to all the contestants and the winners, they were all very good scapes.
And blimey didn't realise there were so many familiar names there - if only I could have put faces to them as well...maybe next time we should wear name tags or something similar...I feel like I missed out on an opportunity to meet even more of you wonderful people:)
A really great day! I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Big thanks and congratulations especially to the UKAPS team for putting it all together and making it happen. It must have been a huge amount of work. Online is great but sometimes there's just no substitute for actually meeting. Well done everyone!