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A pine root planted randomness

Sorry for the double post - working and forgot to respond with the rest - it's nice to see someone else using a pH controller here. It seems that they're uncommon on UKAPS. I also run remin. RO and KH is almost nil. I ended up recalibrating my pH controller to read higher than the actual pH to avoid using an alkaline buffer. IE, calibrating the probe so that the 7.01 standard is interpreted as 7.3. , 4.01 as 4.3. Let's me push it a bit lower than the controller actually goes as the controller function on mine only goes down to 5.5. In hindsight, probably should've just added some KH lol. Maybe I'll start now.

The ph controller is the best investment for my pace of mind. Everything in the setup is done to some sort of standard of my own convenience and this one plays a big part in it :)
And yes, I still boost the RO water with enough to get in the range of ph6.8-7 and I let my gas to run it down to 6.
I think I’ll need to invest in a ph controller when I move to a bigger tank. The tank has grown in really well.
++ I run on a timer. 8AM - 21PM. Every night my PH drops by approx 0.5 but it gets worked back to 6 quickly with the reactor in place
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I think I’ll need to invest in a ph controller when I move to a bigger tank. The tank has grown in really well.
It's a luxury I wouldn't be without. Especially when setting up a new system. Dialing in CO2 is a breeze and it seems to save a good bit of gas.
so, this one now hits 400 days. a little photo spam is quite appropriate..
Rotala decided to self-attach to moss and take it over.. I did not resist

Same.. view from under.

Anubias and the same air-plant.

Nothing out of the ordinary.. just 3 cats fishing.

Stolen from my wife.. this one now produces in average 4 new leaves per month.


Side shot

Few to compare.

Hardscape -

Just planted-

And 400 days later

Still not there to rescape this one yet.

Thanks for stopping by :)
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It has that look usually only achieved in a long term scape when the plants have been allowed to mature and grow in to one another. Excellent work, well done. I’d definitely enjoy it for a while longer yet 🙂
thank you all. things are changing as months pass by :) I will have to wait out for 2 months more before dropping another update :)
I see you're based in Dublin Lauris, can you give me a hint on where to find Ada gravel? Was about to give up and go for Wio, but I like the Ada much more. Can't really find it anywhere (not even online except for size S).

loving your tanks by the way, awesome job 😍