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A Little Slice Of Nature

Thanks mate i just use 16/22 hose and hover 10mm or so above sand minding the shrimp to get the detritus off it mate and not sure current decorating house so no time for rescape so may get fish sooner.

I love green neons and also like harlequin rasboras maybe one of them
, green tetras shoul well what you think ? Numbers ?

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I have 30 wcmm in mine with 15 celestial pearl danio, I know they are all juvenile but i feel like I want to add some more. Maybe a feature fish I'm not really sure TBH,
Green neons look good in the scapes I've seen, as for numbers I'd say 30 would easily be a good place to start. They are quite small fish so you could stock more than the slightly bigger harlequins IMO.

And yes the shrimp are a pain when trying to clean the sand.,seem to want to follow the siphon 🤦
Hi everyone kitchen nearly done so hopefully will have more time for the tank and maintenance, also thinking of dipping my toe into a bit of photography so any advice or links etc welcome .

Did a large maintenance session today and cleaned the filthy lilly pipes and added some seachem matrix into filter.

In the filter now is
1 empty tray
1 blue sponge
1 empty tray
1 (very thin blue sponge to stop matrix falling through tray) tray full of matrix
1 small red sponge

All prefilter sponges the red ones with karger pores.

Dont seem to be getting many baby shrimp but spotted some today, think will buy some more to bump up the population. Also no fish yet but hopefully not be long, think going to go green neons, you think be ok to add 20 at a time ?

Still enjoying this tank and love the 2 crpts that are growing so hoping to remove some of the rotala and add some crypts when next at horizon aquatics.

Loving as it matures the plants mixing and moss lying in areas and growing , still got a problem mid tank with flow as pinitifida etc struggles more here, also never done a proper rip up of plants and plat the tops bit not sure advanced enough yet

Thanks for looking

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Hi everyone tank still doing well had a large trim last week and upped lights to 80 percent today, found the water cloudy yesterday not sure what caused this so did large water change today and also have a major outbreak of pest snails any ideas best way to catch ? put some lettuce in bottom over night maybe. 1 or 2 of my crypts are starting to show after 7 months or so :lol: and i love them they are stunning colours.

also some plants at rear looking a bit sorry for them selves so upped my AIO ferts to 20ml daily to hopefully make a bit difference. i have never pulled the plants and out and planted the tops so may be worth me doing them next trim what you think ? so advice on that would be very helpful.

lastly i purchased a decent camera so can do better pictures and updates, also wanted to take nice family pictures etc, purchased a SONY A6000 mirrorless with kit lens 3.5-5.6/16-50 seems great but a whole new world to me so been trying to get to grips and watching YouTube videos and reading etc. trying to learn the whole exposure thing with the shutter speed ISO and aperture 🤯 any advice on this or links etc would be very helpful and as always appreciated.

(p.s literally shot my images in raw so quickly took some there anyway in jpeg)
thanks and here is a couple of better pics for now.


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Tank doing ok still struggling with plants in middle of tank and still no fish as no stock yet, i was wanting green neons but may get something different any ideas? Maybe harlequin rasboras wanted a good shouling fish thats why wanted a large group of green neons, how many fish do you think is safe to add at once 20 or so ? Was wanting 40 or so and maybe some nerites as had a few shrimp jumped lately and stuck in inlet so maybe snails will help a bit.

Getting some defficencys at the moment and some bbA so going to up maintenance. Anybideas what would cause this in the pinitifida? Maybe it needs totally removed and trimmed as a huge mound now

Thinking about putting into IAPLC just for the hell of it once got fish etc noyhing serious at all just think why not.

Thanks dean

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Tank doing well however still got the defficencys above any ideas ?

How and what fish you recommend as unable to get any greens at the moment and how many you think to add straight away 20 ?

The moss is getting a little out of hand keep finding bits all over and having to pull off etc and starting to look a bit over grown and everything growing into other plants but ok for now.

Also my bloody marrys seem to be breeding well loads of babys

Thanks dean

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Ran out of co2 today and used my first 5kg FE and i had to turn the regulator over as didnt fit in the cabinet so much cheaper thank getting a few 2kg ones but huge. Still debating what fish to get rummy nose tetras, harlequins or green neons or do i wait till rescape to make it easier.

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I know seems like not much changes on my tank but it is looking very full with all plants growing into each other and looking very natural, still waiting on green neons to be back in stock.
think i need to trim the stems soon as near the surface again, may remove some this time and replant the tops as never removed the bottoms yet of the limnophila hippuridoides .
Loads of baby bloody marys so hoping they get lovely and dark

Lastly i need a better way to siphon water from tank as keep sucking up shrimp when doing the sand so need to get some sort of filter for eld of pipe and do sand separately.

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That's looking really lovely!
Thats mate appreciate that, it must he very mature now as just ticks along worry free these days what is what you want i suppose.
Want to rescape this summer when off for a few days but always changing my mind on what i want, i will certainly reuse a lot of the plants though but be a nightmare getting the crushed lava rock from under substrate to reuse , wish i put it into sacks of some sort.


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Tank most certainly needs a trim tonight after a little advice as i have never removed and replanted the stems but think i need to now.

Should i trim plants low then pull up the stem roots then replant the trimmed tops ?

Then large water change ?

Still havnt done a pic for iaplc will it be ok without any fish just for fun ? Not bothered really was just thinking why not.

Thanks dean

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Hi all hope everyone doing well, small update did a huge trim recently, all ticking along nicely i only have 1 problem pest snails, i have had so many for as long as i can remember and i barley feed, i add a shrimp pellet every couple of days and some red pepper for the ottos every so often but the snails dont decline

My moss is covered along with all the plants they are literally all over and the glass and i seriously need to do something but just dont know what wothout rescape and using all new tropica plants and using a new filter media so be totally rid.

Nice pic of the shrimp that also love the moss and one of some snails on the glass but they are all over and thats a few days after a clean and WC.

Any recomendations.


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Any hints or tips as to many to remove and when rescape dont want them if possible as so unsightly, i know they arnt causing harm but loads on glass and all over plants and have been for a long time even though barley feeding.


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Hi everyone quick update lights down to 50 percent or so and just ticking along effortlessly, upgraded filter to a 850 and also purchased a rector but not set the reactor up yet, the 850 flow is defently a bit stronger.

Only problem is the aquascaper inlet keeps sucking in small bubbles at the bottom of the float any ideas how to remedy or any tips ? Thinking about trimming the bottom off the float to see if makes any difference so further away from the glass bend.

Thanks dean


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Hi everyone hope you are all well, this scape has been been plodding on nice and easy and pretty trouble free to be honest. Been stocking up on hardscape and hoping to rescape maybe this month but will certainly be doing a jurnal so will let you know still got a few bits to buy etc.

Took a few final images of this scape thanks for reading and hopefully you enjoyed the jurnal. It has been a great low maintenance scape and throughly enjoyed it and thanks everyone for you help


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Sorry for low quality images my tappatalk app doesn't seem to let me upload medium quality images and just says upload failed. Do many people pay for the vip ?

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Sorry for low quality images my tappatalk app doesn't seem to let me upload medium quality images and just says upload failed. Do many people pay for the vip ?

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Try the actual UKAPS app @Deano3 . Tapatalk always had some form of issue in my experience.
Try the actual UKAPS app @Deano3 . Tapatalk always had some form of issue in my experience.
I never knew there was a dedicated app i have looked on google play store and cant seem to find ? Tapatalk is a nightmare sometimes.


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Beautiful tank, a real inspiration.
You never added any fish?
Thanks so much i appreciate that,I had rummy nose tetras in there but all died due to i susspect too much chlorine when did a water change and always planned more but wanted to rescape first and never got round to it buy this setup is just over a year old npw so pnce rescape will certainly be getting fish

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