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90cm/150litre - "Patience"

Thanks guys :) I think the blyxa is suffering a little, I'm getting a lot of melt. Other than this, and some die off on the HC (emerged growth dying off I think, new growth comming through now) every thing else seems more or less OK. The downoi is growing slowly, with some new shoots appearing. It's recovering just about. HC runners are growing in parts, and newer tiny leaves are on a lot of it. I need to ideally spend some time trimming and re-planting.

One change to the hardscape made today. I was in the back garden earlier and found two chunks of seiryu stone I'd fogotten I had :lol: One was a good upgrade for the peak of my "mountain". It's larger but not overpowering I don't think...

Before (taken day 5):




Apologies for the shoddy pic, taken with my iPhone...
Love the sunset effect you got going on with that bulb in the background Steve:) looks really cool.

Rock laylout looks awesome. Can't wait to see how it grows for you.

Hi Steve,
youve come up with a real beauty this time mate,that new stone is a plus for me,

regards john.
George Farmer said:
This is going to be awesome. Better than mine, damn you! :D

Wow, thanks George :oops: You're welcome to use it for your PFK article instead :lol: Now I'm getting big headed :wideyed:

john starkey said:
Hi Steve,
youve come up with a real beauty this time mate,that new stone is a plus for me,

regards john.

Thanks John. The rock is a slightly different colour at the moment, I gave it a bit of a scrub before using it as it's been out in the garden for a few months. It's cleaner than the rest! :lol:

I want to get hold of a load of amano shrimp. I'm also going to put some of my existing fish into the tank to keep the filters going, when I get time I'll pop some guppies in or something...
Thanks guys :)

I popped 4 guppies in this evening to see how they get on. After the initial freaking out of being moved, which lasted less than a few minutes, they've now started exploring (inbetween chasing CO2 bubbles) :lol:
2nd rock from the left hand side could be lowered/angled down a bit IMHO. Overall, looking good.
Thanks guys :oops:

Guppies are very active this morning, telling me there isn't too much CO2 in the water! I think I have a little too much surface movement. Hopefully this'll be aleviated when I finally get my hands on some 17mm lily pipes! Starting to think Fish Street is going to be my best option. I have done some digging and I think the photos are acurate enough. They're selling PM glass, which is PowerMen. Searching around on other forums they all look pretty similar and get enough reasonable/good comments, considering their cost.

I was going to order some last week, but shipping was a bit pricey. I might stump up for it in the end. I think 2 sets and postage was going to be about £60 which isn't that bad really (I'm a cheap skate I guess :lol:)