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7gal Shrimp only - "Forgotten Glade"

SteveUK said:
Found 6 pregnant females now! Population explosion iminent :lol:
Shrimp looking good Steve, at least you managing to keep these alive this time hehe from a good supplier I take it :p
Give it about 30 days and you will have shrimplets everywhere man ;)
Hey guys. A bit of an update on this tank... It slipped into a bad state for quite a while. Over Christmas my interest in all things fishy kind of wained. But it's been back with avengence for the last few months.

The tank had a massive ball of hair algae festering for a while, but after a lot of cleaning out and tidying in January it's on the way back to being ok :)

The bolbitis is looking pretty nice and growing well. The staurogyne has soldiered on pretty well. A little GSA here and there but it'll be OK :) i actually stole half of the staurogyne for my 90cm. I've just planted a little glosso to replace the fissidens on slate. It never actually attached itself to the slate in the end. It's growing well on the redmoor. It's self seeding and creeping around very naturally!

Anyhow, no photos yet, but perhaps over the weekend :)

Ooh, and I lost count of shrimp at about 60, so they've bred pretty well :)
I'm missing something from this scape. I think it's a tall plant for the back, in the back left corner. Some of the Bolbitis needs to be removed as it over powers everything else. Originally the Bolbitis was supposed to be the background plant, but it seems to like to grow quite horizontal as appose to vertical.

My thoughts are something like Vallis Nana, or more preferably Cyperus Helferi. I'm a little concerned that it's a bit too dark in the very back due to the way my light is mounted. I'm going to have a bit of a play to see if I can change it more.

Pics tonight, promise!
Quick update photo, which is a bit shoddy thanks to the iPhone:



Need some more glosso to fill in accross the front, and to replace the staurogyne I pinched from the left for my 90cm scape. Then still thinking about what to do in the back left corner...