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36 x 36 x 15 - How much custom build?

If this tank is to be braced - would it be a single strip across the top or two crossing over each other?

I have never strayed away from Fluval or Juwel tanks so this is all a bit new to me. I have a few ideas even if the tank is braced and they may not be a bad thing in all honesty.

I guess given the above quote it may not be so bad!
It would be braced all around the rim of the tank and as it's square would probably have two braces crossing over each other from each side at least. This can all be hidden with a black strip around the top edge, so you don't actually see them when looking at it head on.

It all depends on exactly what you're wanting to achieve as to if it's worth the extra dollars. If you just want a clean looking setup with maybe a light suspended above, braceless is the way to go. If you plan on having a hood for example, there's no point going braceless, all the cost would be hidden. Is this for a project in the back room, or a major feature of your home? All needs to be considered.
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Ok given the responses I am erring towards the extra cost for braceless but have emailed them with a few questions just to make sure.

I guess a few extra days overtime should cover it!
But it's the height of the water that gives the pressure. Shallow tanks, braceless, need less thickness than higher tanks

That's true, but I like a decent margin of error... for example my girlfriend once accidentally leaned a stepladder against the top edge of the Bucket, which sent little shards of glass flying when she stood on the ladder and it flexed... had it been 6 or 8mm glass instead of 10 I hate to think what the outcome might have been.
Quoted £268 for braceless, double based and 12mm glass all round.

I think I will go with that on Friday (Payday!), although I query my wisdom of ordering on Friday the 13th!!
That's not bad considering its 12mm
I'm getting an 80x40x40 (cm) next July 1st, 10mm glass, optiwhite front braceless and with delivery comes to 144£.
the 30x30 may play a part in that, the longer the glass is the "bendier" it gets. I feel safer with 10mm glass
40x40 vs 30x30 in an 80cm long tank is an extra 56kg of water - same as a good size adult :eek:
Yeah I'm 6'4 and 110kg so I really have no idea :confused: