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36 x 36 x 15 - How much custom build?


11 Jul 2010
Wellingborough, Northants

Been a long long time since I posted on here but I am looking to get back into the hobby.

I have been inspired by some of the shallow cubes posted around here and other sites. I am struggling to find any of them second hand, I guess they are rare! Which leaves me with custom build as the only other option. How much am I looking at and what thickness of glass should a tank 36 x 36 x 15 be made from? Does anyone know any good manufacturers?

Hope a few of you may be able to assist!
Your tank is pretty much the inspiration for this effort so thanks for replying.

Inches is correct - I was hoping not to pay much more than 200 quid if I am honest but I already have filtration sorted as well as lights so can stretch to a bit more if necessary.

Thanks for your help!
I visited ND Aquatics last week. Very helpful and friendly indeed. I spoke mostly with one of the tank builders, Nick so no sales pitch, just helpful info. It was nice to see their wares too. Very nicely built
Tbh I only saw large braced tanks, no braceless. It's pretty neat on those though. I'd be happy enough :cool:
Thanks for all the replies.

I contacted ND aquatics who quoted me £123 +29.95 delivery on a 36 x 36 x 15 which I think is a good price! 10mm glass base and 6mm on the other panels.

4-6 week waiting time but that will give me a chance to sort out the stand and all the other bits and bobs.

6mm sounds rather thin, opinions?
No I didn't, are they braced as standard? I will send them an email tonight and get another quote for a braceless tank with 10mm base and 8mm side panels.

Cue £250 quote!!:nailbiting:
lol anyone gets scared when braceless is mentioned :D

I have no idea what the quote will be, but as soon as you mention braceless, whatever figure you had in your head you can easily double it and then add some.

The cost is all from the increase in glass thickness really. Obviously it needs to be thicker to withstand the pressure of the water and there's no braces keeping it tight.

The tank I'm planning could be made in 10mm standard construction, but needs to be 15mm as braceless. 5mm difference doesn't sound much but adds a fair whack to the end price.

You're not going too high/deep, so fingers crossed you get a decent quote :thumbup:
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A big difference. The braces stop the tall, long panels from bowing. Without them the glass must be thickened substantially.