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thank you for your comments :D

Hydrophyte , i think that it is classic E.tenellus and not red E.tenellus ...i am not sute though ....i some other tanks i do with lower lights it stays green ;)

the background is high enough i will trim it this week to give it a better shape as it is quite messy at this point , microsorum did new leaves it looks better , crypts and bolbitis starts to show ... a few more months to go ...i must say i am quite impatient this one matures :D


a bigger size picture here http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/7172/240l26oct.jpg

the microsorum part starts to look better , more organized


the mix of plants in the foreground is quite fun to watch growing , tenellus grows very fast so i have to trim it quite often , as for the other plants they compete to occupy the space ...not sure which one is going to be the main :D


a view of the foreground/midground from upper


and a view of the dinning room , there is no TV there :D


hope you like it :D
Wonderful! This is Nature Aquarium style at its best, but with Nico's distinctive style too.

The extensive use of fine textures creates a really complex yet naturalistic appeal.

This is truly world class, especially in a couple more months or so.

Like Dan said, this just keeps getting better for me which is suprising because sometimes I find that aquascapes are a bit of a let down once plants etc are added to great hardscape. This has looked amazing from the offset though.

Definately my favourite aquascape - keep it coming! :D
Thank you for your comments :D

here are a few shots tonight , no big changes but the plantation starts to mature well , especially the microsorum , crypts and the bolbitis that finally starts to show ...i love this plant :D




hope you like it :D
Looking good Nico, don't forget to keep that glosso thin with plenty of trimming, and if you need a home for the cuttings let me know I am after some decent glosso haha ;)
Thank you for your comments :D

London Dragon , i dont think the glosso would survive the travel from Osaka to your place ;)

i went to the mountain this morning to find inspiration and some stones ... forest starts to look red , was quite nice , here are a few pics :D