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1 Jan 2009
Hi everybody ,

Here is a lay-out i'm working on, the tank is 240L , 120*45*45cm , i still have to finish the plantation , the background will be fully planted (nothing in the left part at this moment) , i want the background to be light and colorful , only have to wait for it to grow :D

hope you like it ;)




and some pictures of the inhabitants , quite a few varieties in this tank as recently rather than keeping a big school of fishes i'd rather have many different species:)

Hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis


Tanichthys albonubes


red phantom


rasbora dorsiocellata in an earlier version of this tank


puntius rhomboocellatus also in an earlier version of this tank



a shrimp


Oh my lord, thats going to be incredible! That wood is delightful, i shall be doing something similar in the near future so i'll be keeping a keen eye on this one!

Lovely work :D
It is grate fun waiting for things to grow you can neaver be 100% what you are going to get. looking good keep us posted on the tanks progress
I think I remember seeing this over on APC. It's looking great. What is that tan-colored carpeting plant? It complements the driftwood very well.
Very nice job. Looks amazing at the moment. Can not wait to see the mature version.
Thank you for your comments :D

Hydrophyte , the carpet is mainly composed of tenellus , but there are also 3 varieties of eleocharis some glosso and some moss , actually i am not even sure what it's going to look like once finished :D

for this lay-out i feel like something is missing in the foreground , maybe some more wood on the ground to give a more natural -less organize- effect for the lay-out that seems to "clean" at this point ?

once this version will be finished , i'll try a version with some stones in the foreground , not so sure it will match with the scene though but it is worth a try ;)

those are the plants used for this lay-out , quite a lot of varieties for this one :D

background , rotala sp green , eleocharis vivipara , green macrandra , hygrophila polysperma , vallisneria nana , ludwigia arcuata needle leaf , rotala indica , myriophillum matogrossense , hygrophila sp ,MU

middle section : microsorum narrow leaf , bolbitis ,cryptocoryne wendi green , fantanalis sp , vesicularia sp , tenellus , (

foreground :tenellus (2 varieties , red and green , i'll try to keep only a little bit of the red one), cryptocoryne parva , eleo acicularis , eleo parvula , eleo short , glosso , vesicularia sp .
i modified a bit the hardscape , still i am not satisfied yet so i will work on it a bit more :D
anyways here is the central part ;)

It`s starting to show some nice textures, Nico. I especially like the foreground and the ferns around the wood.

it looks great! :clap: :clap: :clap:
Im really loving how you captured the water surface moving too
Thank you for your comments :D

Dan , there are tons of tanks using wood with those plants and still they all look different , so i dont think that you have to worry about it ;)
I wish i could get my tank to look like that. :thumbup:
I love how this is turning out! I love the natural woodland type feel to it.