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nico this is very very good, excellent, I don't know how I missed it here until now!

You have made huge improvements with this aquascape in such a short time. A very strong composition. I think the moss just needs to mature that you have added to the driftwood branches to give it a more aged feel or less "clean" feel as you call it. I would say this aquascape will get better and better as you make slight changes to the hardscape, more rocks or fallen driftwood would work well in the foreground. Great work so far, one to watch for sure :thumbup:
Salut Nico,

Long time he! As usual very nice, carry on like that. I agre with Zig few fallen driftwoods won't hurt, it will help to do the transition.
Thank you for your comments :D

Hi Alex , long time no read , everything's fine? for driftwood i am looking for a piece that would fit in the right part but didn't find it yet as i have a precise idea of what i want .... :?

a few new pics from the tanks , the background is not full yet so only details pictures , it starts to look the way i want :D




Hope you like it :D
thank you :D

Mark Webb , for the wood , i used many different varieties , some come from a mountain in the north of Osaka some from some friends who didnt use it anymore , most from aqua shops ;)

here is a video of the tank , quality s*cks but we can see better the depth of the hardscape , there is still a lot of work to do on the background which will be fully planted and foreground ....anyways , i hope you like it :)

This is actually my most favourite tank of all time. I love everything about it, the plants, wood, fish - everything! Thanks for posting the video - it's always nice to see aquascapes in that format.

Nice one! :D
Thank you Saintly , pictures dont really show the depth of the tank , video is way better to see it ;)

Rawr , thanks a lot though there is still a lot of work to try to get to the level of some tanks we can see here and there , simply by looking in this forum you can see some wonders ;)

here is a pic of the center part of the tank , i'll put a full shot when i will have time to take off the material out of the tank ;)

well nico, if I'm totally honest i really feel this is thee best scape on this forum. so damn natural.

the vid is excellent.

your keeping me inspired for sure.
I would have to agree with Mark on this one. That's not to say there's not other amazing aquascapes on here - this one is by far my favourite though. I thought it looked amazing to begin with, but it seems every time you post a more up to date photo it looks even better than the last time! I sometimes lose intrest as aquascapes mature, not with this one it seems.
plants finally start to show all over the background , still there is a lot of work of trimming to do as it is still quite thin , anyways here is a picture , hope you like it :D

This is wonderful. Is that the red E. tenellus in the foreground? That color is beautiful.
Really amazing stuff, the drift ´wood is beautiful with it`s subtle cracks and holes, the scene is refreshingly light, great autumnal colours. Inspiring me to re-scape my big tank !

Congrats - Tom
excellent scape, i really like the natural look of the tank. Defiantly one of my fav tanks on here. :thumbup: