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15 UK applicants (IAPLC)

surprised theres only 15, but it is an improvement!
As ian said, congrats to those who have entered and good luck.
Wow, the standard is sooo high. Congrats to those in the top 200, great achievement.
These arnt ordered results yet are they? I think this is down to internet vote now?
Great news Stu and Mark...
I am in as well and very happy :D
I wish they were ordered results :lol: Good luck to make it to 100 guys. The standard jumped yet higher as it looks.
Which one is yous Ed?
And as you said good luck to all on even top 100 placements.
Is there a list of the 200+ placements or does it just get released after?
Wow, its an absolute beaut :clap:
Thanks a lot.
I am sure you did Iain :) Its 2 years old journal, just looks a bit different from last update.
Search for Four Seasons. And you even have some plants from it :D