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100litre planted tank

It's a good start but I'd be concerned your filter doesn't meet the 10x turn over basic rule.
I'm certain it's not enough. You could bulk up with an internal wave pump but I find these unsightly.
The more we learn about flow the more we realise we need more than we thought. I've stopped aiming for 10x turnover per hour and now aim for 20x. My new tank will have 26x turnover if my maths is right.
It's bassically a nutrient delivery thing, the more flow there is the less chance of dead spots the more nutrients can be up taken by the plants and the less chance of algae.
Was it an american forum that gave you the advice? I find that they advocate way too much light and way too little flow. :thumbdown:
How odd. I guess it must be because they're fishkeepers and not plant keepers. You could be fine it depends on your light ultimately. Less light needs less flow. Keep an eye out for people selling filters you could get a bargain, steve uk has some pretty cheap that are massive turnover that'd be perfect.
For that much light you could well be fine. Wait and see really, it'd be my perogative to uprate but it's a entirely personal preference because I've had highlight and low flow and the resulting frustration that comes from it when you can't grow anything but algae.
I think the question of flow certainly has validity, but im not sure it is a given that one MUST have X flow. Dont get me wrong, i tend to use that methodology (or thereabouts) but take a look at all the display tanks in the Green Machine, they do not have that kind of flow. Those tanks are somthing like 1000 lites, 1500 lites and 1800 litres, they have I think 1x Eheim 2180 each (1700 l/h) and some have additional powerheads, but im sure it is not x10 flow.
Strip the solenoid and give everything a clean and a regrease. Even an fixed solenoid should be detachable for servicing.
Garuf said:
Strip the regulator and give everything a clean and a regrease. Even an fixed solenoid should be detachable for servicing.

Personel view if your regulator needs attention it should be taken to a approved gas bottle overhauler, this item coverts high pressure 50 - 60 bar down to 2 -3 bar

Coverted: 50 bar = 725.188 psi - now a car tyre is inflated to 28- 35 psi, van tyre - 55 psi and if you have seen or experienced a blow out you know that it can be dangerous - so image that you dont repair / rebuild the reg collectly and you open the taps, you are going to do some damage at 725.188 psi.

The tanks looks nice :thumbup:

skeletonw00t said:
Would you recommed I remove the rocks and scrub them or just let the algae die or get eaten? I really don't want to disturb the scape if I dnt have too!

I'd leave it and see how it goes, only consider taking it out if it gets a lot worse. Just my opinion.
i think it looks great! im going to get one of them koralias for added flow.
i have my filter set up with a spray bar so it pushes the co2 around the tank but it needs just a little more flow to get it around the whole of the tank evenly.
i did have my co2 right under my intake pipe but every now and then the filter would cough and splutter so i moved it.
keep up the good work!!