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1-2grow hairgrass melt

Kevin Eades

24 Jan 2021
Hi all

Bit of a conundrum for you to help me with. I have planted a carpet of mini hairgrass. It appears to have melted but at the same time is also growing putting down roots and starting to carpet out. Have I done something wrong? I planted it heavily to get a good look and it appears all I will be left with in some spots is new sparse growth. Bit annoying. If I have done something wrong I can sort it and buy more to replace but don't want to buy more and have the same experience. Its not flow or co2 as its directly in front of the spray bar and i am running the co2 well above normal level as no stock in the tank to worry about. Light I have 2 on the tank as its 50cm deep and one is directly above the carpet to make sure it gets what it needs. It's only a cheap light but I got it running on max and at 50cm depth it seems OK. Similar lights on my roma 90 with similar depth to substrate and all good in that tank.


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I would say the emergent growth is dying and being replaced with new growth. As long as you keep seeing new green growth popping up from the substrate I wouldn't be too concerned.