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rabbit snail

  1. Nathanh2150

    Rabbit snails

    Been given 2x rabbit snails about an inch in size What would there care requirements be? I have read that they eat dead leaves Alge wafers Fish food flake food Vegetables any advice would be much appreciated 🤪
  2. Gill


    As I have setup my Office desk now. Just waiting on the Custom Keyboard, mouse and Desk Mat to arrive. Thought it would be a good time to set this teeny thing up again. No Heating as never have used them in this. And room temp has been fine. Sumped as Normal - Sponges + Bio Balls + Ceramic...
  3. Robbie X

    Rabbit snails

    Hi all, does anyone keep or breed this incredible looking snails? I really like the brown with orange/yellow spotted or striped ones. Would love to give them a go ;)