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  1. Stu Worrall

    AGA 2016 Competition

    The deadline for the AGA entry is tomorrow (sept 18th) so if you're thinking of entering then pop over there to register and get your scapes in! http://enter.aquatic-gardeners.org/?&op=showpage&name=index Ill be entering this (with plants in)
  2. George Farmer

    2013 AGA Aquascaping Contest

    Hi all, Please consider entering this year's AGA contest. 2013 AGA Aquascaping Contest It's free and you can enter three aquascapes. In many ways it's better than the IAPLC in my opinion. There's a good chance you'll receive actual feedback from highly reputable judges. There's...
  3. Stu Worrall

    Stu's 90x45x45 Apalala Shore - IAPLC 2012 #114 - AGA 2012 #3

    Following on from this last scape which to be honest got too grown in. Final photo for IAPLC 2011 - #577 - The Unknown Valley The Unknown Valley Stu Worrall - 90x45x45c IAPLC 2011 - #577 by Stu Worrall, on Flickr Ive now stripped the tank down and started on a new design. this time its...