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    Plant ID please

    Hi, if anyone has an ID on the plant in the front left corner that would be great. I loved that plant, i think it was an echinodorous sp. only staying at around 6-8" in height. thanks.
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    How big are 'XL' tropica plants??

    Hi, i am going to order quite a few pots of M.Pteropus "narrow" but wondering if the XL plants are worth the extra cost? How many "normal" plants would you say is the equivalent to the XL pots? Thanks.
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    Which floating plant has very long roots?

    Which floating plant has very long roots, like 10cm or so? Is it Amazon Frogbit?
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    Pearling after a water change? Why?

    Me and Dave was having a discussion about why pearling ooccurs after a water change. Dave's thoughts were that when we do a waterchange, the plants are exposed to an unlimited supply of gaseous CO2, so they go into 'hyperdrive' and produce lots of oxygen which can be seen as pearling. While I...
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    How plants are grown by AquaFleur

    AquaFleur do some very good quality priced plants, almost half that of tropica, but no many people seem to realise this, so here are 3 videos showing how Aqua Fleur produce and pack their plants, Video 1 Video 2 Video 3
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    Why isnt vallis nana growing?

    I have had it about 2months now i think - i got it from Mark, and it hasnt grown 1cm yet and i dont know why? 60l tank 2.7wpg / 36w PC T5 pressurized CO2 - limeade drop checker fluval 205 (11x turnover - good circulation) 5ml TPN+ daily. JBL aquabasis capped with sand. Anybody have any reasons...
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    How do you trim HC Cuba?

    How do you trim it without little bits getting everywhere? It has grown quite tall and i dont want the lower parts dying off. It also quite hard to get a fish net in due to space. Any tips? Thanks, Aaron
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    Plant ID quiz

    For a bit of fun i will start of by giving a small shot of a plant (it has to be aquatic - or at least survive in aquatic conditions) then you have to guess what it is, whoever gets it right gets to go next :D Make it as easy or hard as you like and it is up to you whether you give any clues...
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    Miceranthemum micranthemoides - stems are breaking!

    Hi all, i have some MM, and over the past few days i have noticed about half way up the stem quite a few of them have just snaped off/ withered away. The stem looks white as though there is no chlorophyll left. 60l tank 36w PC T5 pressurized CO2 5ml TPN+ daily. thanks.
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    P.Helferi lacking nutrients?

    Hi all, i have some Pogostemon helferi that is ligh green in colour and it is very wide. Mark sent me some of his and it is dark green and more vertical 60l tank 36w PC T5 5ml TPN+ daily pressurized CO2 any suggestions?
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    Eriocaulon Guang Zhoo

    Hi guys, has anyone tried Eriocaulon Guang Zhoo? Looks an interesting plant but i have never seen it used anywhere: http://aquarium-gardening.com/details.p ... &keywords= cheers,
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    a topic for you Clive!

    http://www.aquascapingworld.com/forum/g ... ddish.html someone has asked how to keep b.japonica red, some interesting answers might pop up for you :lol:
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    how many plants in 1 pot of tropica Pogostemon Helferi?

    Hi, how many plants would you get approx in 1 pot of the tropica P.Helferi? thanks, Aaron
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    will eleocharis parvulus survive with 1.4WPG

    i have 2.5WPG and pressurized CO2, i was wondering if i could cut down to 1.4wpg for slower grwth? this is my most light hungry plant, others are windelov fern java fern amazon swords taiwan moss This will be happening because of the T6, one of the best things out :D Everybody is asking about...
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    Eleocharis parvula - how to trim

    i have some Eleocharis parvula (dwarf hairgrass), to cut it down do you just cut it off top like grass? I want a low carpet to the right of my tank as the left is heavily planted. Also, what is the minimum hieght it can be cut too?