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Recent content by tomsteer

  1. tomsteer

    Neil's DIY cabinet

    DIY cabinet- Spray vs. Brush I agree with James, a roller would probably give a better finish, I would use one if the foam gloss rollers. Cheers, Tom
  2. tomsteer

    Dwarf Cichlids

    I would personally say that 35 litres isn't really big enough for a pair of apistos. If you want something colourful with a bit of character then maybe something like killifish? Aphyosemion australe maybe? http://www.killi.co.uk/SpeciesDetails.php?ID=12 Just a thought, Cheers, Tom
  3. tomsteer

    Aerate RO water or not?

    I know that it used to be an option to aerate water to remove chlorine before adding it to a tank. I don't think there is much need to aerate RO water, especially if you keep it in an air-tight container. Cheers, Tom
  4. tomsteer

    HOB filter modificiation?

    I would think that the only way to improve flow would be to reduce the amount/ density of media in the filter, this would have obvious implications. Cheers, Ton
  5. tomsteer

    Non Return Valves/Needle Valves

    It's the exhaust type your wanting
  6. tomsteer

    Non Return Valves/Needle Valves

    Nice to see people doing plenty of research before taking the plunge. Cheers, Tom
  7. tomsteer

    Saintly's 240L 'savannah dreaming' scape finished

    Saintly's 240L 'savannah dreaming' intensive treatment I still think it's stunning, a pleasure to read this journal. You've made a lot of people very jealous. Cheers, Tom
  8. tomsteer

    Non Return Valves/Needle Valves

    Hi, I use the valve that always broke linked and it's perfect, the size you need depends on what regulator your going to use or if your using a solenoid. I think I commented on your other post, and pointed you to airline pneumatics, 1/8 bsp is a standard thread size on the outlet of co2...
  9. tomsteer

    Will this regulator work with a FE?

    You will probably find the the threded outlet from the regulator can be removed (I think these are normally an opposite hand thread anyway) leaving a 1/8th bsp female thread which you can easily get fittings for. I think it's airline pneumatics that do loads of stuff online, including needle/...
  10. tomsteer

    How to raise nitrates in the tank

    Surely you want to lower them? Nitrates are toxic to your fish, they are a byproduct of fish waste and you should be aiming for 0. Maybe I'm missing the point. Tom
  11. tomsteer

    Dymax IQ3 Lighting

    Hello all, I received my Dymax IQ3 nano tank off eBay yesterday, got it for a bit of a bargain and I'm hoping to set it up at work. http://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/content.php?sid=2546 Anyway, the LED lap that comes with it might be enough to help you find your keys but I can’t see it...
  12. tomsteer

    Absolute diffuser nightmare

    0.2 Bar is really low, I would up that to something like 1.5 if you can. Just to confirm, you have a cylinder, a regulator and a needle valve? A photo of your set-up may help. Cheers, Tom
  13. tomsteer

    "Fifty Shades of Green" - (1600 Litre Sanjarami)

    I'm so jealous, theres a spot in our front room that I could just squeeze something of that size in BUT it would mean that the other halfs piano would have to go and thats a discussion I know would only end with one outcome. Beautiful cabinet, great finish with nice lighting stand. As has been...
  14. tomsteer

    Ebay Tank - 4ft Tall :S

    Bored browsing EBay and I stumbled across this - http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/4ft-5ft-6ft-AQUARIUM-FISH-TANK-CURVED-520-LITRES-/250630470640?cmd=ViewItem&pt=UK_Pet_Supplies_Fish&hash=item3a5abd7bf0 Thats got some potential but maintenance would be a bit tricky!!
  15. tomsteer

    Dead camera what to get?

    You have lots of options within the Nikon DSLR range – Buy a replacement second hand D40 body – Probably the cheapest option, no improvement over what you have currently but if your happy with the images from your existing D40 then it’s a perfectly reasonable purchase. Buy a D90 –...